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President's Message - Continued

    July 4, 1975 - We were in my best friend’s backyard and the extent of this fireworks show was sparklers. You know, the harmless fireworks. However, my parents didn’t factor me into it which automatically takes harmless out of the equation. I had just completed running around the yard with my sparkler and it had finished burning, I was walking back to get another one when I dropped it. Yep, I tried to pick it up but it was dark and I couldn’t see which end was the handle and burned several of my fingers. It was just a few blisters but I was 5 and thought I was going to die. What had started as a promising night ended up not being very magical at all.

    July 4, 1984 - My brother, my friend and my two cousins went to Mile High Stadium to watch the Denver Zephyrs play and then fireworks after. During the game their pitcher beaned our hitter and a fight broke out. After the game and before the fireworks the players that had been ejected for fighting ran out of the locker rooms and started fighting again. After all of that settled down we watched fireworks. We were in the top deck and it felt like those fireworks were right on top of us. For a 14 year old boy it was a magical night...fireworks and fighting! Who out there in clerkland can display their Denver sports history knowledge and tell me what the heck a Denver Zephyr is and what they were originally called?

    July 4, 1997 - I had been on the Arvada Fire Department for a few years at this point and so on this night my buddy from Station 7 picked up me and my good buddy from my station (Station 4) in the brush truck (on the right) and we headed to the City fireworks show. 

    We didn’t make it as the first of an unending string of brush fires came in at the local park. We spent that entire evening driving lights and sirens to brush fire after brush fire. Now THAT was a magical night!

    July 4, 2017 - We were in Utah visiting my cousins and fireworks are legal in Utah so my cousins spent some money and had a bunch ready for a fun night. The night was going great as the fireworks you now can buy are pretty spectacular. My cousin had set up one that shoots out multiple fireworks when the wind picked up and blew it over. None of us at first realized it had blown over until one shot right at all of us. The scramble was on! I leapt out of my chair and took cover behind a car when I realized I felt a burning on my back. I reached back and swiped away the projectile that had shot right at me, missed me because I moved but hit the back of my chair and bounced on to me.(Check out my shirt!) I located my son and daughter and was relieved that they were fine and pretty amused with things as it was pretty funny watching everyone hauling backside and diving for cover, especially considering no one got hurt. Then I heard someone yell the garage was on fire so I grabbed the garden hose and extinguished the fire. For me, one of the funniest parts was my cousin who grew up in Baltimore, he never moved out of his chair.! I asked him why he just sat there instead of taking cover and he replied that it was like being back home in Baltimore but with fireworks instead of bullets.  All in all, it was a magical night! 

    What are your amazing 4th of July memories? I hope over the years you have had some great ones. Everyone have a safe and magical 4th of July!

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