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Athenian Leadership Dialogues

Learning Through Dialogue
What is an Athenian Leadership Dialogue?

Dialogues are conversations that go beyond the usual knowledge recall and application process familiar to all municipal clerks in training seminars. They are unique because they explore leadership principles and practice, drawing on the insights contained in a book that all participants have read.

Dialogues are conversations in which clerks share their experience and understanding as it relates to the ideas of the author and the relevance of those ideas to their public leadership role.

The premise of the Athenian Dialogue Society is the idea that clerks are leaders in very profound yet subtle ways. Leadership here is not the transactional vending machine citizens seem to believe about public management. The interest and involvement of the participants, as well as the author's specific focus and emphasis, require that the facilitator move with purpose using language of meaning, feeling, and power. Participants devote a full day (6 hours) to a Dialogue and come away intellectually enriched by this communication experience.

Clerk leadership is more transformational in nature. That is to say, the contribution of clerks to municipal leadership changes the perception of colleagues and citizens about the role and purpose of government.

Points:  Dialogues have been approved by IIMC for 3 CMC Education Points or 3 MMC Advanced Education Points (with completion of the required learning assessment within 30 days of the session). Please refer to the Athenian Leadership Society Policy for Dialogue Guidelines.

For additional information, please visit the IIMC website:  IIMC Athenian Leadership Society

Region 8 Athenian Fellows

Kerry Bush, MMC, Englewood, CO (5/15/2011)

Christine Koch, CMC, Arvada, CO (5/7/2014) RETIRED

Elizabeth Hedberg, MMC, Edgewater, CO (9/9/2014) RETIRED

Susan Ortiz, MMC, Greenwood Village, CO (1/6/2015)

Margy Greer, MMC, Lakewood, CO (5/16/2015)

Helen Cospolich, CMC, Breckenridge, CO (7/29/2017)

Carrie Hartwell, MMC, Julesburg, CO (11/8/2017)

Bruce Roome, MMC, Arvada, CO (10/31/2018)

Taryn Powers, CMC (Breckenridge, CO (11/27/2018)

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