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Colorado Municipal Clerks Virtual Masters Academy

The mission of CMCA is to provide educational opportunities to its members. The pandemic has certainly interrupted our traditional methods of providing education and impacted many of your budgets. Survey data tells us that many of you could participate in Masters Academy if offered a scholarship. To this end, CMCA will be offering scholarships to Colorado clerks who need them. No application is needed to be granted the scholarship.

The Institute registration fee has been set at $300. When you register for Institute, you will indicate if you need a scholarship. There are a limited number of full scholarships, and other scholarships range from $50 – $250.

Beginning August and continuing through the end of September, we will offer programs designed to educate our clerks and help them achieve their MMC certification.  Please find the schedule below.  

2020 Academy Sessions

There are 14 session to choose from.  These classes are in a variety of formats – please note!  Click on the titles below to go to the registration page.

There are 10 LIVE ONLY SESSIONS – you must register by the registration deadline and complete the pre-work before the scheduled session.  All classes will be 10 – 12 Mountain Time. These classes WILL NOT be recorded.

1.      August 26, 2020:  Prepare Yourself—and Your Team—for Change

No matter where you work, the challenges of increasing competition, technological changes, financial upheaval, demographic shifts, and other factors have made organizational change more vital than ever before.  The challenges of change can be overwhelming, but this class can help you work through the anxiety, conflicts, and concerns that it can leave in its wake. 

2.   September 1, 2020: Set and Accomplish Your Goals

Setting and accomplishing goals is an important personal and organizational skill. By learning how to establish clear goals, and then having the discipline to reach them, you help to instill a culture of achievement within your team and organization.  

3.      September 2, 2020 - Leading and Motivating Your Team

There are many myths about leadership. However, effective leadership is based on core skills you can apply—no matter who you are, where you work, or what you do. This session will help you develop the skills you need to lead people effectively. 

4.      September 9, 2020 - Managing Your Boss

You manage your team. Do you really need to manage your boss, too? Yes! Managing your boss is your responsibility. Taking the initiative to build a strong working relationship with your boss benefits both of you, and our organization.  

5.      Friday, September 11, 2020 - Are You a Strategic Thinker?

As a manager, you have many responsibilities, including planning, executing, and leading your team. But to bring the most value to your organization—and advance your own career—you also need to be able to think strategically. This class will help make strategic considerations second nature to you. 

6.      September 15 – 2020 - The Why’s and How’s of Process Improvement

You’ve identified a process that needs improvement, but how can you reshape that process in a lasting way. This session will provide tips, tools, and best practices for planning and executing a process improvement project. 

7.      September 16, 2020 - How to Succeed at Project Management

Get it done. Get it done right. Get it done on time. And get it done on budget. A project manager is nothing if not task-driven—from planning to team building to after-project review. This class will take you through each of the four phases of project management, from its inception to the final project celebration. 

8.      September 24, 2020 - Go Team! Building a Successful Team

Most of our workplaces feature teams of all kinds, and at any given time, you’re likely part of more than one team. Organizations rely on teams to achieve critical objectives. But how do you know when you need to build a team? What goes into forming a strong team?  This session will teach you how to form a productive and motivated team destined for success. 

9.      September 29, 2020 - Foster Communication and Collaboration for a Stronger Team

How can you unite a diverse group of individuals and focus them on a central goal or objective? How can you make sure that both the team and its individual members are successful?  

10.  September 30, 2020 - Maximizing Your Employees’ Potential

One particularly important responsibility of a manager is to develop others. Employee development is a huge part of how your organization stays competitive in the labor market. Employees who get development opportunities feel a greater sense of purpose in work, perform better, and collaborate more willingly. 

Upcoming sessions – will be recorded:

11.  August 12, 2020 – Managing Remote Meetings

Covid-19 thrust us into unknown territory, requiring remote meetings to happen quickly!  This session will address the technology, policies, and best practices of managing remote meetings.

12.  September 22, 2020 – Managing Stress

Life is stressful. Unmanaged, stress negatively impacts our physical and mental health, and impairs our ability to fulfill our various life roles: city official, spouse, parent, manager, leader, volunteer…. These effects accumulate over time, and unmanaged can lead to illness or serious accidental injuries. Best practices for recognizing stress and managing its effects are well documented. This session addresses all of these factors.

13.  October 1, 2020 – Bursting with Happiness

Description coming

Recorded Sessions:

14.  Leading Through Crisis: 

The Covid-19 pandemic and unrest in America has created a topsy-turvy environment. Individual emotions range from calm and steady to fear and anger. At times, local government employees receive the undeserved brunt of this public anger. In situations such as this leadership is critical. Unfortunately, many government employees and officials have never been trained on how to lead in a time of crisis.  Author, speaker, and teacher John Maxwell defines a crisis as “an intense time of difficulty requiring a decision that will be a turning point.” 

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